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Talon maalaus – Tuomo Suhonen – 3.11.2007 21:16
Suhosen talo Myllykujalla aiottiin ikuistaa tauluksi Vilho Lammen maalaamana. Palkkioksi Lampi oli ilmoittanut saappaat.
Ne olisi tietenkin ajan mukaan teetetty osaavalla suutarilla.

Lieko hinta ollut liian suuri, koska taulua ei maalautettu.
1. MBT Shoes: A Groundbreaking Tactic to Footwear – carpinteyrorts – 23.12.2011 15:07
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Shoe producers world-wide have redefined the shoe in the very last fifty decades but none as much as Masai Benefit Know-how. In 1998, the first MBT footwear grew to become offered and it took the world by storm. It appears to be like feels and functions like no other shoe on the marketplace and in fact, the enterprise refuses to connect with it a shoe. As a substitute, they connect with them MBT anti-footwear.mbt shoes kaya mbt clearance4.2 City Transportation of Silk-roadBuses
This is 1 slip-on shoe that delivers far more than just comfort and ease. The Women\'s Baridi benefits all the traits of an MBT shoe along with an painless to use style and design so that you can simply just slip it on and go. Dove-coloured leather is properly complemented by gray mesh accents and a dazzling green interior to make an exciting glimpse you are going to return to again and once again. Rethink the way you walk with a breathtaking shoe that will revitalize your each day fitness as nicely as your wardrobe.mbt shoes Free shipping discount mbt shoesLocation of Urumqi city:Urumqi is located on the grassland of the north hill of Tianshan Mountain. To the east of Urumqi is the highest peak of Eastern Tianshan Mountain, Bogeda Peak. To the south are the endless forests of Tianshan Mountain. To the west and north is the Jungar Basin. Urumqi is the city which most far from ocean in the whole world. .

MBT sneakers hold higher know-how in the sole draft that tends to make you perform more proficient and consumes even more calories of persons\' entire body. Together with every single phase, the instability activates your muscle groups and the full body which can promote you to wander a lengthy distance and stroll fleetingly. If a pair of first rate MBT sneakers is owned by you, it will be a wonderful assistance for you to continue to keep in shape your human mbt shoes mbt sneakersVehicles to the city of Urumqi:Planes, trains and buses to the city of Urumqi are all available and convenient
MBT sneakers hold significant expertise in the sole draft that makes you perform extra proficient and consumes far more calories of persons\' entire body. Together with just about every step, the instability activates your muscle tissues and the full shape which can promote you to stroll a lengthy length and stroll fleetingly. If a pair of decent MBT footwear is owned by you, it will be a terrific support for you to preserve fit your human body.
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mbt shoes International shipping mbt clearanceBrief introduction to attractions in Urumqi:In Mongolian, the name of Urumqi means ¡°graceful ranch¡±. Before the city of Urumqi was set up, there had to be a graceful ranch. From Han Dynasty, Western Regions Guarding Government Supervision had set troops here and opened many farms. From Sui Dynasty, commercial activities appeared in this area. In the year of 702 A.D, Tang Dynasty also set their troops and built castles here. Gradually, this area became a pass on the north branch of Silk-road. In the early age of Qing Dynasty, the old city of Urumqi was destructed in the war. A new city of Urumqi was built in the 28th year of Qianlong (1763). This new city was called ¡°Dihua¡±. In 1884, Xinjiang was set as a province, Dihua was declared as its capital. In 1945, Dihua was set as a prefecture-level city. And in 1953, Dihua was renamed as Urumqi again. Now, Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is also the political, economical, and cultural center of Xinjiang.
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The northwest and northeast parts of Urumqi are boundary to Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture. To the south is boundary with Bayinguole Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. To the southeast part, it is boundary with Turpan Basin. The latitude of Urumqi city is 680 to 920 meters. The urban covers an area of 83 square kilometers. The whole Urumqi covers an area of 12,000 square kilometers. There are 7 districts and 1 county in Urumqi. They are Tianshan District, Shayibake District, Xinshi District, Shuimogou District, Toutunhe District, South Mountain Mine District, East Mountain District, and Urumqi County. 43 nations are living in this area. They are Han Nationality, Uygur Nationality, Hui Nationality and Kazak Nationality and so on.Urumqi is in the continental climate zone, so the temperature differences between morning and night is huge. The annually average temperature is about 5.7 degree centigrade. Annually rain fall is below 300 mm. Climate in Urumqi is quite dry. The average temperature in January is 15 degree centigrade, and 24 degree centigrade in July.